Updated: 2nd November 2013




As well as general information about the venue, this call will provide a serialised JSON object called Availability. The availability object stores calendar dates marked as available and the variations are available on that day.

It can be used in conjunction with the Javascript calendar widget to place a booking calendar on your website.


  • ------- -
  • ticket_id (int)display a specific entry by stating the ticket id

JSON Output

  • "ticket_id":"3673485",
  • "event_id":"7865443",
  • "currency":"us",
  • "title":"Night Club",
  • "location":"Los Angeles",
  • "venue":"The Rocket Ship",
  • "venue_link":"http://www.therocketship.com",
  • "stars":"The Rockets",
  • "start":"9.00 pm",
  • "end":"11.30 pm",
  • "img":"http://media.inzu.net/user/tickets/928356_img.png",
  • "img_thumb":"http://media.inzu.net/user/tickets/928356_thumb.png",
  • "variations":{"559":{"type_title":"Regular","description":"Variation one","price":"17.50","allocation":"1000"}},
  • "availability":{"2016":{"10":{"14":{"dateVariationsData":{"615":{"info":{"amount":"default","sold":16}}}}}}},
  • "next_date":"1521800457"
  • }